Consulting and Project Management

Customers of BU Source takes advantage of more than 50 years of experience of the owners in various commercial and technical management positions in the chemical industry.

The service of BU Source comprises consulting covering specific commercial and market related aspects as well as technical and application related questions and may be extended to longer-term consulting programs and complete projects.

Areas of consulting and project management include but are not limited to consumer products, organometallic chemistry, olefin polymerization, petrochemicals and catalysis.

The real needs and the success of our customers is the most important driver for all we are doing at BU Source:

Our Expertise: Your success

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Chemical Specialities

Based on technical and chemical expertise for high value chemical products as well as knowledge covering quality and regulatory aspects, BU Source is working with reliable and long term experienced manufacturing partners.

We supply high-value chemical products respectively semi-finished products in the area of single site catalysis.

Our customers can choose the most suitable service package for their particular requirements. Please feel free to let us know your specific product and consulting needs.

Industrial Specialties

Based on expert knowledge in olefin polymerization catalysis, polyolefin processing and knowledge of global polymer markets, including major polyolefin process licenses, BU Source offers distinguished consulting and project management.
Examples are tuning of Ziegler-Natta polypropylene catalysts with external stereomodifiers or introduction and optimization of so-called “Single-site” catalysts.

In order to provide efficient sourcing services for high-quality catalyst products and processing aids, BU Source is working with reliable and experienced manufacturing partners, predominantly in Asia, with sufficient capacity to meet our customers demand.

Quality assurance according to international standards, like EN 14000;         ISO 9001 / 9002 is in place, of course. We combine competitive pricing with technical support and consulting according to our customers needs.

Finally, our customers can choose the most suitable service package for their specific needs.

Please feel free to contact us with your product and consulting requirements.


Fixed bed refining catalysts

  • Molecular sieve adsorbents: crystalline alumo silicate or synthetic zeolithes, activated alumina.
  • Inhibitors.
  • Antifoulants for atmospheric and vacuum distillation.
  • DENOx, DESOx, combustion promotion additives.
  • Desulphurizing catalysts.
  • Selected specialty solvents.
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Ziegler-Natta catalyst components

Ziegler-Natta catalysts are mostly based on titanium tetrachloride resp. titanium trichloride as so-called “pro-catalyst” and an inorganic support material, providing specific surface properties which are important for generation of polymer particles with suitable morphology.

BU Source offers titanium tetrachloride, titanium trichloride and magnesium dichloride suitable for high-mileage Ziegler-Natta catalysts. These components can be supplied separately or as blend, also in an inert catalyst-grade hydrocarbon diluent.

External stereomodifiers (“External donors”)  are beneficial catalyst additives for polypropylene processes provided by major licensors in order to improve polypropylene properties like stereospecifity and comonomer incorporation while maintaining proper process control and productivity.

BU Source offers a range of the most important silane-based donors with excellent quality and free of potentially toxic aromatic building blocks.

BU Source also offers technical, applicational and market consulting in order to optimize the commercial feasibilty of certain catalyst solutions according to customers requirements.

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Single-site catalyst components

Metallocenes are essential components for so-called “Single-site” catalysts for manufacture of tailored value-added polyolefins like linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) for food packaging and agricultural film, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for pipe extrusion, specialty grade polypropylenes, polyolefin elastomers and alpha-olefins.

BU Source offers a range of important cyclopentadiene-based and indene-based (non-stereorigid, stereorigid) metallocenes for a variety of applications in conjunction with methylaluminoxane (“MAO”) or borane-based activators.

For metallocene manufacturing suitable precursors (“ligand” materials) are available, too.

BU Source also offers technical, applicational and market consulting in order to optimize the commercial feasibility of certain catalyst solutions according to customers requirements.

Polymer Processing

Polyolefin Additives

Primary and secondary antioxidants are essential additives to improve the colour (yellowness index) of the polyolefin resin and for stabilization against degradation by oxidation during processing and longterm exposure to environmental conditions.

UV-stabilizers help to avoid degradation upon exposure to light.

BU Source offers these essential additives either individually or as dust-free one packs (DFO) according to customers needs.

Slip agents provide advantageous slip properties for fast and efficient processing.

Nucleating agents improve the clarity of polypropylene resins which is important for transparent film and other PP uses.

Please contact us if detailed technical data are required.

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